Vice President for Student Success


The Vice President for Student Success (VPSS) advocates on behalf of students’ academic needs and coordinates intellectually stimulating programming. The VPSS also oversees SA Advocates, a group of students who inform and assist peers facing conduct hearings.

  • VP for Student Success – Luca Cassidy,, (607) 777-4297
    • Office Hours: MWF: 4-5p; T/Th: 2-4p
  • Chief of Staff – Jayshawn Brown
  • Secretary – Kristina Donders
  • SA Advocates Director – Frank Rizzo
  • Social Media Manager – Sherry Weng
  • Financial Coordinator – Daksh Mehta
  • Programming Lead – Jules Verrino
  • Policy Coordinator – Melanie Valentin
  • Advisors – George Lee | Alex Corsello

The VPSS Office has created a form for SA organizations to request sponsorship for academic events they are holding.

Prior to starting the form, please be prepared to answer questions about the goal of the event, provide the logistics of the events, other pending sponsorships, and a budget breakdown of the event.

Please complete the grant application here: