Vice President for Student Success


The Vice President for Student Success (VPSS) advocates on behalf of students’ academic needs and coordinates intellectually stimulating programming. The VPSS also oversees SA Advocates, a group of students who inform and assist peers facing conduct hearings.

  • VP for Student Success – Anindya Debnath,, (607) 777-4297
  • Chief of Staff – Luca Cassidy
  • Director of Constituent Services – Rita Zheng
  • Deputy Director of Multicultural Affairs – Aflaha Fateha
  • Deputy Director of Health and Wellness – Madeline Camilleri
  • Policy Analyst – Miriam Franks and Maximilian Kurant
  • Director of Public Relations – Brianna Lee
  • Deputy Director of Social Media and Marketing – Arwen Fernandez O’Brien
  • Deputy Director of Event Programming – VACANT
  • Director of Student Advocates – Kara Chadwell
Office Hours are by appointment only.