Vice President for Multicultural Affairs


The Vice President for Multicultural Affairs Office focuses on advocating for more diversity, inclusion, and equity efforts/programs here at Binghamton University. The office works closely with our Multicultural Student Organizations, the MGFC, the MRC, the DDEI, and other groups to achieve that goal.

  • Chief of Staff (Click to apply)
    • Will act as an advisor to the VPMA, aiding in decision making and participate in meetings on behalf of the VPMA
    • Responsible for overseeing other members of the office and tracking progress towards office goals
    • Assist the VPMA in general responsibilities and policy implementation
    • Responsible for an assigned intern (Assistant Chief of Staff)
  • Project Manager (Click to apply)
    • Responsible for working with different student groups and the Multicultural Resource Center on campus to facilitate large scale multicultural events
    • Assist the VPMA with the creation and facilitating of VPMA sponsored programs
    • Responsible for an assigned intern (Assistant Project Manager)
  • Director of Finance (Click to apply)
    • Responsible for tracking and updating the office’s budget and payroll
    • Aid the VPMA in allocating funds to various multicultural organizations
    • Responsible for an assigned intern
  • Director of Advocacy (Click to apply)
    • Responsible for managing and coordinating the office’s efforts in effective policy coordination and advocacy
    • Aid the VPMA in policy research and execution
    • Assist in the organization of large events such as Multicultural Extravaganza and International Festival
    • Responsible for an assigned intern
  • Director of Public Relations (Click to apply)
    • Tasked with managing the relationship between the VPMA’s Office and the public
    • Will manage media relations and develop marketing tactics to facilitate outreach
    • Responsible for creating fliers and other promotional tools
    • Responsible for an assigned intern  

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  • Vice President for Multicultural Affairs – Khaleel James –
    • T-F: 12-5pm; otherwise by appointment

The VPMA Office has created a form for SA organizations to request sponsorship for events they are holding in the spring. The form can be completed below, with all submissions due by Wednesday, January 15th.

Prior to starting the form, please be prepared to answer questions about the goal of the event, provide the logistics of the events, other pending sponsorships, and a budget breakdown of the event. I will be reviewing all applications with my programming director and financial director to decide which events will be sponsored and will contact your organization’s representative when a decision has been made. If your application is approved, an additional interview with myself about the event may be needed before sponsorship is officially granted.