F2020 Special Election

BU Council 2020 Special Election

The Special Election for BU Council Student Representative was held on Monday, October 12 from 9am-9pm via B-Engaged.
The tentative winner (pending SA and GSO confirmation) is Zachary Herz.

Zachary Herz zherz1@binghamton.edu Endorsed by: Hillside, Hinman, Off Campus College, Susquehanna Hello Binghamton students! My name is Zachary Herz and I am a senior majoring in Psychology with a minor in education. As the Binghamton University Council Student Representative, I want to shift this year’s concentration to focus primarily on supporting the physical and social wellbeing of our student body as the university continues to operate amidst a global pandemic. In a time of deep uncertainty, the need for our school administration to be transparent is greater than ever. If elected, I plan to work with the school administration to make our COVID-19 resources more accessible, including increasing the accessibility of our testing program to students. As your representative, I simultaneously aim to encourage the university to improve the academic resources that students require in order to provide an inclusive academic environment. In order for our students to be academically successful, it is imperative that the university create a healthy and safe social environment. Continuing along the pivotal stream of students’ safety and health, the need for increased sexual assault education to all of our students is absolutely crucial in achieving this secure space. This student community cannot be supportive, safe, and secure if it fails to consider historically underrepresented groups by the council. I am determined to ensure that every voice of every student of all identities are heard and represented in the council’s decisions. By advocating for all of these initiatives and utilizing the invaluable connections that I have made in my three plus years at Binghamton, I hope to further create a school community that is developed to meet the needs of our student body.

Ahmed Sultan asultan2@binghamton.edu

Endorsed by: Dickinson, Mountainview

My platform is composed of three core principles: transparency, accountability, and advocacy. Ultimately, they all serve as means of achieving one goal: putting students first, by prioritizing the concerns, wants and needs of the undergraduate and graduate student populations here at Binghamton. With the COVID-19 pandemic, a unique responsibility has been placed upon college students across the nation returning to campuses like ours. We are expected to comply with the new restrictions and social distancing guidelines set upon us—and many of us do—to minimize the risk of spreading the virus throughout the University, and the surrounding community upon which it relies, while still upholding essential day-to-day operations. Binghamton needs a representative to adequately communicate the wants, needs and interests of the student body; especially during such a tumultuous period in the University’s history. If elected to the BU Council, I pledge to communicate the interests of undergraduate and graduate students alike when reviewing student conduct regulations, budget requests and plans for the University’s improvement. I hope to collaborate with members of the student community at Binghamton when coming up with new ideas and assessing plans set forth by the rest of the Council—opening a channel of communication where students can voice their opinions or critiques. Furthermore, I hope to make it easier for students to find and access resources on campus that are provided by the University; working to expand and diversify what programs already exist, and looking into what could possibly be done to either further their reach or create new programs. While I have intentionally avoided promising anything specific—given how unpredictable this academic year has already shaped up to be, I found it more important to focus on my broader goals. However, I pledge to you that, if elected, I will work tirelessly to advocate for the student population. With your help, we can make Binghamton an even greater place to live and learn.




Special Election Timeline:

  • September 24: Letters of Intent period begins
  • September 30, 5pm: Letters of Intent due
  • October 5, 5pm: Petition deadline
  • October 5, 5:15pm: Candidates meeting
  • October 9, 5pm: Candidate debate/forum:  https://binghamton.zoom.us/j/98865483943
  • October 12, 9am – 9pm: Election (via B-Engaged): http://cglink.me/s37615

Position Descriptions and Requirements:

BU Council Representative

The BU Council Representative is a full voting member of the Binghamton University Council in accordance with Article 8 §356 of the NY Education Law and is accountable to both the Student Association (SA) and the Graduate Student Organization (GSO).

The BU Council Representative represents both graduate and undergraduate students and is not a member of the SA E-Board, there are a number of differences:

  • 250 signatures required, but may be any combination of undergraduate and graduate students. 
  • Must be an enrolled undergraduate or graduate student at Binghamton University.
  • There is no GPA requirement

If you have any questions about the special election, please contact elections@binghamtonsa.org or visit the SA Office, UUW 203 (past Visions).

All candidates should be familiar with the Student Association’s Constitution and Management Policies

For the election, all candidates should be sure to read and abide by the requirements set forth in Section IV of the Management Policies (page 14). 

  • Letter of Intent
    • Short cover letter informing committee of your name, contact information, and that you’re running for the BU Council Special Election for the 2020-2021 academic year.
    • E-mail this information to elections@binghamtonsa.org
    • All candidates must complete the Candidate Affiliation Disclosure Form: Candidate Affiliation Disclosure Form

Upon receipt of the Letter of Intent, the candidate will be granted access to the virtual petition form allowing students to sign up to support them.

  • Signatures 
    • Virtual signatures will be collected via B-Engaged and paper forms will not be accepted. 
    • 250 unique signatures required from currently enrolled Binghamton University Students.
    • Individuals may only sign for one candidate.


Questions about the Student Association elections? Please contact elections@binghamtonsa.org or visit the SA Office, UUW 203 (past Visions).