SA Congress

Office Location: UUW314

Speaker of Congress: Christopher Ribaric //

Office Hours: T/Th, 9am-10am (UUW 314).

Parliamentarian: Sophia Yazdi //

Office Hours: by appointment.

Student Congress is the legislative branch of the Student Association. The SA Congress has 35 representatives from each residential community and from the off campus community in proportion to the number of students in each. Congress meets every other Tuesday at 7:00pm, LH 3, and meetings are open to all students. There is a public comment period during each meeting where students may voice their concerns or ideas to Congress. 

How to get involved:

  • Run for Congress
    • At the start of each fall semester, Congress representatives are elected for each of the on-campus communities as well as for our off-campus students. If you are interested in running, keep a lookout for e-mails regarding more information from your community governments or send an e-mail to for more details.
  • Student Concern Survey
  • Come to Congress Meetings for Public Comment

Visit the SA Congress Minutes & Legislation page for an historical record of congressional activity.

Congressional Committees:

Chair: Batia Rabin // 

Office Hours: by appointment.

The Internal Affairs Committee’s primary purpose is to provide administrative oversight of clubs constitutions and internal grievances. In addition, the Internal Affairs Committee reviews applications for provisional and full charter status from clubs/organizations who wish to become part of the Student Association.

Chair: Lauren Lovett //

Office Hours: by appointment. 

The Student Life and Academics Committee (SLA) is charged with representing the interests of the undergraduate student population. SLA members come up with solutions in order to rectify issues facing students. Each member of the committee will represent the SA on one or more university committee(s). These university committees bridge the gap between students and the administration and allow for a flow of information between the two. By attending these meetings, SLA members can accurately represent the interests of students on a wide array of issues (ranging from campus parking to mental health services) in forums where important decisions are made.

Chair: Mackenzie Cooper // 

Office Hours: by appointment.

The Finance Committee oversees the allocation of funds to SA chartered clubs, businesses as well as Club and Intramural Sports. The committee oversees the allocation of funds through several accounts (primarily Discretionary and Capital Replacement) throughout the school year. During the spring semester is when we have Budget Season which is a several week-long process.

Chair: Ben So //

Office Hours: by appointment.

The Elections and Judiciary committee is a standing committee within the SA Congress. Its primary role is to oversee all aspects of the SA executive board elections, collaborate with the Graduate Student Organization to conduct the Binghamton University Council Representative elections, and initiate the confirmation process of Judicial Board nominees. Members of the committee have a crucial role in upholding the integrity and reputation of the SA elections and judiciary process.

Chair: Isabelle Saint //

Office Hours: by appointment

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee is a standing committee within the SA Congress. This committee shall advocate for and develop and promote initiatives and policies which further diversity, equity, and inclusion both campus-wide as well as internally within the Student Association.