Office of the Executive Vice President

The Office of the Executive Vice President oversees all non-financial administrative matters relating to SA Chartered organizations and is also the primary liaison for student organization use of the B-Engaged platform.

The EVP Office provides oversight of the following operations:

  • Managing organization use of B-Engaged
  • Advising club and organization leaders
  • Organizing training and development activities for SA staff and personnel
  • Chartering new organizations
  • Executive Vice President – Chance Fiorisi –
    • Office Hours: M: by email T/Th: 2:50-5:00p; W: 11:30a-4:30p; F: 9:30-11:30a

Assistants are available by appointment only. Please e-mail them to schedule a meeting time:

Visit the Resources page to view and download helpful documents.

Fall Leadership Conference

Every fall, the office of the Executive Vice President puts on a leadership conference to update officers on important policy or procedure changes, help them learn new skills to better manage their organizations, and also build relationships with officers from other organizations. Attendance at the conference is mandatory for at least two officers of every organization, though everyone is encouraged to attend and grow from the experiences offered. 

Click here to view the Fall 2023 slides. 

Spring Leadership Workshop

The EVP Office also oversees the SA’s use of the campus student engagement system, B-Engaged. All active SA Chartered Organizations are listed on this platform and are expected to maintain an accurate officer roster, complete annual re-registration, publish all organization events, and more.

Whether you’re trying to join a new organization or just want to double check where your organization’s next GIM is going to be held, B-Engaged is the one-stop-shop for all things student organization. 

Beginning Spring 2019, the University and SA worked together on selecting and implementing a brand new engagement platform due to the pending contract expiration with our existing vendor. Fall 2019 is the first semester with the new platform in place and we are extremely excited for the campus to see all this new system can offer!

Visit B-Engaged here:

Here are a few forms to help assist organizations with programming and internal needs: